Areas of expertise

Polyester resin

Polyester resin is one of the materials where RST-5 has the most impressive track record. RST-5 has been accepted in industries where usage of aqueous cleaners – until not so long ago – was strictly forbidden. But its effectiveness, safety and positive environmental impact won over the most reluctant of users.

RST-5 cleaner is now being used in yacht and boat building, pool and tank manufacturing, pipe-winding, automotive and recreation industries, removing resins quickly, safely and well.

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a well-known tough industrial substance that is hard to clean in the uncured stage. Only aggressive solvents have been effective cleaning tools from epoxy resin and leaving a large amount of polluted fluids. In many cases RST-5 does the job just as good, reducing the amount of pollutants substantially. Cleaning epoxy’s at the production lines of airplanes, windmills and surfboards, etc.

Oil & Grease

RST-5 removes oil, grease and oily substances from diverse surfaces just as easy as it removes tar or glue. Both the Power Towel and RST-5 fluid have been spotted at oil rigs, shipping yards and heavy machine manufacturers. Solvents tend to open the pores in the skin helping unhealthy chemicals reach deeper tissues. This can lead to physical problems later on.

New materials

Almost every month new application areas for RST-5 arise. We now have examples where RST-5 is used for a wide range of products, from medical instruments to marble. RST-5 proves its effectiveness every time. If you allow us, we will add your application to our website so it may assist others to make the same decision you made, using RST-5 instead of aggressive solvents.

Paint & Print

RST-5 offers enormous added value cleaning hands and machinery alike.

Especially in printing and painting industries RST-5 is the skin and material friendly substitution for aggressive cleaning substances. Containing no solvents, it cleans just as well or better. RST-5 can also be used to remove glue and sealant.

Per liter 80% cheaper than Acetone
Save the environment and your budget