Cost effective resin separation

RST-5 is an aqueous cleaner and as opposed to most solvents in use, does not evaporate, only the water evaporates!  Just add water and a little RST-5 daily and the effectiveness of this cleaning fluid is back to where it was. This alone saves the RST-5 user 30 to 40 percent in cost. Using RST-5 means in the ideal case that you have limited or no use of aggressive solvents any more.

The direct costs of disposing of solvents decrease dramatically. Indirectly, you don't need to worry anymore about usage of chemical tanks and chemical waste-containers. You can use the free space much more effectively.

Environment friendly

Usage of RST-5 means that you can show your customers that you mind the environment. It sells! And after your workers have put RST-5 to the test, they will be convinced that it works as good as - or better then - the aggressive solvents they have been using for years. Only the application is different and needs to be explained and trained!

They will be able to tell the difference. No more fumes, no more raw or even infected hands. They might actually feel better. And no solvents for cleaning purposes means less emmission.
While you still have to dispose of the cleaned substances (in the form of dried residue), it's much easier now.

Regulation compliant

Solvents used for industrial cleaning are suffering an increasingly negative image. Not just the government but the industry itself wants it replaced by more safe and gentle products.

RST-5 is such a product, it contains no solvents, it does not burn, it is non-toxic and cost effective. It is the only future oriented, non-solvent industrial cleaner for intelligent entrepreneurs.


Intrinsically safe

While others try to change the composition of solvents by introducing biological green solvents, we took another route and developed RST-5, the only effective 100% non-solvent industrial cleaner.

RST-5 does not contain toxic materials neither can it catch fire, therefore the product is intrinsically safe to use. The fact that RST-5 is 100% solvent and 100% Limonene free meets the upcoming regulations and moreover is very important to your health.

Still using solvents? Make the switch! With RST-5.
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