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RST-5 Industrial Cleaner

Say goodbye to harmful solvents and chemicals for good!

Introducing RST-5 – an industrial cleaner that can effectively remove uncured resins, paints, printing inks, greases, silicones, and other sealants without causing any harm to the environment. Clean resins safely with RST-5, and forget about the need for emulsion and expensive disposal methods. Make your workspace more eco-friendly today! Try RST-5 now and take a step towards sustainable cleaning practices. Contact us to learn more about our product and place an order.

RST-5 benefits

Cost effective resin separation
RST-5 is an aqueous cleaner and as opposed to most solvents in use, does not evaporate, only the water evaporates!

Environment friendly
Usage of RST-5 means that you can show your customers that you mind the environment.

Regulation compliant
Solvents used for industrial cleaning are suffering an increasingly negative image.

Intrinsically safe
While others try to change the composition of solvents by introducing biological green solvents.

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RST-5 concentrate (1:20) Liquid for Polyester Resins

RST-5 is an aqueous industrial cleaner, which replaces solvents being used to remove uncured resins, paints, printing inks, greases, silicones and other sealants. Since no emulsion takes place, cleaner and waste can easily be separated. Available in following packing sizes:

RST5-5 Black
RST-5 Concentrate Black 5 Ltr. Can

RST5-200 Black
RST-5 Concentrate Black 200 Ltr. Barrel

RST5-1000 Black
RST-5 Concentrate Black 1.000 Ltr. IBC

Per liter 80% cheaper than Acetone
Save the environment and your budget

RST5 compared to Aceton

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